Simple, Customizable, and Easy to Module

WebSocket cloud based chat system application with simplicity and customization in mind for the developer’s full control

What is different? is built to provide only the bare-bones back-end of a fully functional chat application. Whether you are building a mobile app, or web app, provides with the simple library to integrate within your application all you need is to implement your own UI on top of it and you’re good to go. So from here on, you only need to worry about the user experience and nothing else.

Ready to use UIs

We know that not everybody wants to build a custom UI all the time. So we are trying our best to make available any ready to use UI we build for any of our project as a support to the open-source community.

All the Ready to use UIs will be linked here in this website and available on GitHub for cloning, or contributing.

Rafet Khallaf
Project Lead Developer

Developer’s Message

This website is still under construction and we are working on making it’s content available as soon as possible. Please feel free to follow me on twitter @rafk_ for update, or help on using You can also fill an application to get an early access to cloud for integration of the application.

I cannot promise this to be done soon, but I will do my best to complete it along with the documentation for the cloud-based back-end.

What is the plan for

My plan for this project is to be an open-source Websocket + NodeJS application with cloud hosted version for businesses and enterprise. So will be a community developed project to be available for those who need it.